Everyone says people are at the center of what they do, but generally that means starting with a product and then determining whether that product is usable and looks good. At The Inkk Spot, we start with who we’re designing for — truly digging in and walking in their shoes – and then creating products that meet their needs.

What We Do

Many firms design their solution in a vacuum and then drop the ball over the wall, with no understanding of how to actually implement it or whether it will actually achieve its goals. At The Inkk Spot, we specialize in bridging the gap between fiction and reality and bringing those ideas to life. This requires a multi-faceted approach in a variety of areas:

  • Design Research
  • User Research
  • Education
  • Information Design
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Photography
  • Product Design
  • Usability
  • Interaction Design
  • Mobile/Touch Design
  • Visual Design
  • Web Development


How We Work

Too many firms jump to conclusions and focus on the short term. We believe that in today’s mobile world, products must be designed with a strategy in mind so they can evolve and grow with the future. At The Inkk Spot, we take a step backwards to understand our audience, define the problem we’re trying to solve, ideate a series of solutions, and then design an experience that’s the right fit for the long haul.


Dig in and figure out what makes your audience tick


Define the problem you're trying to solve


Explore ideas and test to determine the ideal solution


Bridge the gap between fiction and reality


Build the final product using the latest technology


Determine if the solution meets audience needs


See Us In Action

The world is full of products that look good on paper, but in practice they fall short of achieving their goals. At The Inkk Spot, we aim to marry the needs of your audience with your business goals so our products can achieve measurable results that affect your bottom line.

For more details of the design research process for these projects, please Contact Us.

User Research and Experience Design

Systems Design

Product Design

Design Research